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About Us

Here at Rubbish Ideas, we proudly champion the principles of the circular economy, with a keen focus on closed capture venues. Born from our roots, the Rubbish Portal harmoniously blends our circularity consultancy with state-of-the-art material tracking systems, cultivated through our impactful work in the events industry.

Mission Rubbish

Our Commitment

At Rubbish Ideas, our commitment to driving circularity extends beyond technology development.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as trusted partners in the events industry, collaborating with major international breweries like ABInBev and Heineken, as well as event companies. Together, we have implemented closed-loop recycling systems for rPET cups, diverting significant amounts of waste from landfills.

Through these initiatives, we not only address the immediate waste challenges faced by the events community but also foster a culture of sustainability. We believe that by working together with organisations and event organisers, we can create a significant and lasting impact on the journey towards a waste-free future.

Join our mission.

We want to transform the events industry into a beacon of sustainability. Together, with The Rubbish Portal as a powerful tool, we can drive change, improve recycling rates, and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet for generations to come.

Who are we?

About The Rubbish Portal

Welcome to The Rubbish Portal, an innovative waste tracking software developed by Rubbish Ideas, a leading circular economy design consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

At Rubbish Ideas, we are dedicated to realizing a waste-free future and empowering organizations to embrace circular practices across their operations. Our expertise spans various industries, with a remarkable impact in the events sector.

The Rubbish Portal is one of our key achievements and offerings—a groundbreaking SaaS platform designed to address the emerging challenge of effectively managing waste and recycling at events. As the events industry continues to grow, so does the need for sustainable waste management solutions. The Rubbish Portal steps up to the challenge by serving as an online tracker, collecting and reporting recycling data for events and their stakeholders.

Our mission with The Rubbish Portal is to harness the power of data and analytics to create specific and tailored performance metrics. By doing so, we empower event organizers to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement towards more sustainable practices. We firmly believe that sustainability outcomes are crucial for our planet's future, and The Rubbish Portal plays a vital role in achieving this goal.


Send us an email and we would be happy to arrange a demo of the software, and discuss your specific requirements.

Why choose The Rubbish Portal?

Key Features & Benefits

Track recycling performance at events in real-time, compare and rank results for healthy competition and improvement, and receive actionable recommendations to optimize recycling rates and create a sustainable future.

  • Recycling Performance Tracking The Rubbish Portal measures and tracks recycling performance at events, providing real-time insights into waste management efforts. This data-driven approach enables organisers to identify strengths and weaknesses in their recycling programs.
  • Comparison & Ranking Our platform goes beyond simple tracking and offers the ability to compare and rank events based on their recycling results. This feature facilitates healthy competition among event organisers and encourages them to improve their recycling efforts continually.
  • Actionable Recommendations The Rubbish Portal offers actionable recommendations based on the collected data. These insights help event organisers make informed decisions and design effective waste management systems that optimise recycling rates.
  • Contribution to a Sustainable Future With a strong focus on reducing carbon emissions and minimising waste volume, The Rubbish Portal targets a minimum recycling rate of 75%. By using the platform, event organisers actively contribute to a more sustainable future.