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Welcome to the Rubbish Portal, the ultimate solution for waste tracking, reduction, and reporting.

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Track Your Circular Journey

Embrace circularity effortlessly with The Rubbish Portal. Transitioning to a 100% circular model might seem daunting, but our innovative software paves the way for your business. Assess, enhance, and propel your journey with us.

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Measure Recycling Rates

Get traceability on your product or material waste streams and their recycling

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GHG Carbon Tracking

Measure the carbon emissions of your product consumption and waste

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Expert Circularity Guidance

Get help to improve your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint

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Live Results Dashboard

See your impact in real time, monitor your improvement and set company goals

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Upload Data

Use our easy forms, or simplify your waste tracking with automated API data submission

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Certificates & Reports

Download reports and recycling certificates for compliance and marketing

Trusted by venues and supply chain stakeholders all over the world

We’re working with companies throughout the supply chain. From packaging manufacturers to drinks companies, from sports venues to festival organisers, from office buildings to train stations and from material suppliers to waste processors we are able to help with circular economy solutions.

The One Project
Indorama Ventures
Weston Pride
Grist Environmental
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“Amazing things happen by collaboration. Partnering with The Rubbish Project is an innovative journey how to redefine end of life with production in mind and stop treating things as waste but treat them as valuable raw material/building blocks for something new. Or as they say it, if we don’t end waste now we will have a rubbish future“
Jordie Brouwer
Business Development Manager @Huhtamaki

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